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Anjali Menon

Aspiring Changemaker

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About Me

Fueled by ambition and a unique perspective on the world, I see community challenges as gateways to transformative solutions. I am particularly passionate about healthcare innovation which is driven by a desire to use engineering principles to create accessible healthcare solutions for all demographics. Originally from India, my family immigrated to Vancouver when I was two years old, which instilled in me a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and perspectives. As a mentor, innovator & advocate, I am committed to enhancing the well-being of communities across the world.


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Why Healthcare?

I vividly remember the distressing day spent in the emergency room with a family member, who was struggling with an autoimmune disease. Waiting for over five hours for attention highlighted the inefficiencies in our healthcare system. This experience was a turning point for me, transforming my outlook and setting me on a path to advocate for change. The fundamental belief that every individual deserves timely and effective healthcare drives my commitment to this cause. This conviction is not just about reducing wait times but encompasses a broader vision to overhaul how care is delivered, making it more accessible and equitable across all sections of society. I am determined to find novel solutions that address these disparities, focusing on innovations that can streamline processes and enhance the efficiency of medical responses.

The MEDIC Foundation

The MEDIC Foundation was born out of a shared vision in a university classroom with my friend, Madhini Vigneswaran. United by our passion for enhancing the quality of life for patients both locally and globally, we founded MEDIC with a commitment to transforming healthcare.

MEDIC is a provincially registered non-profit organization run by volunteers. We work with volunteers of all ages and have provided 60+ volunteers with research experience, community service hours and an opportunity to make a real-world difference in the lives of patients across British Columbia.

Our approach is threefold: First, we focus on continual innovation through rigorous research to develop new solutions and improvements in patient care. Second, we advocate for patients by providing a platform that amplifies their stories and disseminates vital healthcare news, thus engaging the broader public. Lastly, we prioritize hands-on interaction through intergenerational interaction with our volunteers and seniors across BC, fostering meaningful relationships with diverse patient demographics to directly understand and address their unique needs.

MEDIC focuses on four research pillars; Parkinson's, Crohn's, Diabetes, and Cancer—each spearheaded either through collaborations with research institutions or led by dedicated volunteers.


MEDIC Magazine, our free monthly publication, keeps the community informed by highlighting the latest healthcare news and patient stories.


Pioneering a new volunteer platform that fosters intergenerational collaboration by connecting seniors with younger community members to enhance the Companionship provided to seniors in care facilities.



Parkinson’s Disease

Why Parkinson's?

My dedication to researching Parkinson's Disease stemmed from the profound challenges the condition poses to patients—there is no cure, and it relentlessly progresses, worsening over time. This fueled my motivation to harness the power of biomedical engineering to forge innovative solutions that could improve the quality of life for those affected.

Anxiety in Parkinson’s & forging novel solutions

A common psychiatric comorbidity in PD is anxiety which can be a result of both psychological and biological factors. From this, I aimed to co-develop a wearable device that can detect anxiety and effectively reduce its level while the user performs their day-to-day activities. Specifically, we developed a wristband that automatically applies vibration near the median nerve as the heart rate variability (HRV) deviates away from the normal threshold of the user, and an application that displays real-time HRV signals obtained from the wearable device as well as provides resources for relaxation.

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OSMS SPARK Design Competition 1st

Second place at IDEAlab Ideathon

Finalist at the MDDC Design Competition

Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation - 3 pole stimulation

In Collaboration with the Pacific Parkinson’s Research Centre

An emerging treatment for patients diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease is galvanic vestibular stimulation (GVS). GVS is a safe and non-invasive brain stimulation technique that affects the firing of the vestibular system. I have been working under the supervision of Dr. Martin J. McKeown to conduct clinical trials with 20 PD patients.

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People’s Choice Award for top research presentation CUBEC

Research Poster Presentation at SBME Synergy

2024 MURC presentation

Crohn’s & IBD

Why Crohns?

The diagnosis of Crohn's and IBD within my own family brought home the personal impacts of these conditions, fueling my passion to make a real difference. This deeply personal connection drives my commitment to empower others to join the mission of creating impactful healthcare solutions. Leading a dedicated team of over eight students, we are developing a biomedical device aimed at improving the quality of life for those affected by Crohn's and IBD. Together, we strive to leverage our skills in biomedical engineering to bring hope and practical support to patients and their families.


Imagine the ability to bring change to millions of people around the globe. Imagine a world where the power of innovation and collaboration can advance the way we approach the most complex problems in human health.

This is how I envision the field of engineering.

Engineering is a diverse field with numerous applications. For me, the significance of engineering lies in its potential to directly improve individual well-being and societal health by bringing smile to someone's face and making their lives a little bit easier.

Why Engineering?

Technology as a tool

As a woman in engineering, I believe that all women have what it takes to be successful in whatever we put our minds to. I want to urge all women to consider Engineering for its ability to empower them to bring change to the world.

Empowering Women

Featured Projects

Full-field Optical Coherence Tomography Dynamic Microscope

SBME Capstone 2023/2024

This 8-month capstone project, developed in collaboration with the COIL laboratory at Vancouver General Hospital alongside 4 students, aimed to revolutionize ocular disease diagnosis and monitoring with a novel full field optical coherence tomography (FF-OCT) microscope. By enhancing optical microscope systems with advanced optical coherence technologies, the project facilitates precise detection and management of conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. This innovation promises to significantly improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs by providing detailed insights into cellular dynamics and molecular interactions within the eye.

YARA: Your Virtual Pharmacy Assistant

New Venture Design 2023/2024

Developed over eight months as part of UBC's New Venture Design course, YARA is a cutting-edge software solution designed to enhance pharmacy operations. Along with a team of five students, we prototyped YARA and conducted over 60 interviews with pharmacists throughout British Columbia to address a significant challenge in modern pharmacies. Our research identified key issues faced by pharmacists: the need for streamlined patient communication, efficient information management, and improved coordination with physicians, while patients sought quicker responses and effortless prescription refills. YARA addresses these needs by automating routine phone-based tasks, allowing pharmacists to focus more on in-person care and improving operational efficiency. The project's innovative approach and potential impact led to it being awarded 2nd place among various ventures in the class.



As a resident of beautiful Coquitlam British Columbia, and a Grade 12 student at Port Moody Secondary, I've long been captivated by the power of TED talks, which my family and I watched together every weekend. These sessions were a family affair that spanned generations, from my six-year-old sister to my 79-year-old grandmother, each of us drawing unique insights and inspiration from the talks. Recognizing the lack of such an influential platform in Coquitlam—a community rich in diversity and talent—I questioned why our vibrant community didn't host its own TEDx event.

Motivated to fill this gap, I discussed my idea with my English teacher, a seasoned attendee of TED events in Vancouver, who not only supported the initiative but also recommended contacts who could help make it a reality. This guidance led me to co-organize the event with the enthusiastic support of Coquitlam City Councilor Teri Towner. Alongside a team of 10 volunteers, we brought TEDxYouth to Lafarge Lake, providing a stage for local voices and talents to be heard and celebrated, fostering a culture of learning and inspiration akin to the experiences that had so profoundly impacted my own family.

The Green Team

From an early age, I've been a passionate advocate for the environment. Inspired by a sustainability conference I attended as an elementary school student, I was motivated to initiate meaningful environmental action within my own community. I founded and led my school's first green team, spearheading initiatives that had immediate and tangible impacts. One of our major projects was the implementation of waste-free lunch campaigns, which not only educated my peers about sustainable practices but also demonstrated the power of collective action. Our efforts were recognized when we won $1,000 for our school through the BC Green Games competition, a testament to our commitment and impact in promoting environmental stewardship among young students.


Build the future with Gen Z

The Diana Award

WE Day 2015


Make A Fuss Movement


EMERGE - STEM Workshop

Giving Back


Child Life at BC Children’s Hospital

My commitment to giving back to the local community is deeply rooted in my volunteer work at BC Children's Hospital, where I engage with children of various developmental abilities. This experience allows me to interact with families from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, offering me invaluable perspectives on the unique challenges they face. These interactions enrich my understanding of our community’s needs and reinforce my dedication to providing compassionate support. By volunteering, I am able to contribute meaningfully, ensuring that every child and family I meet receives care and attention that can make a significant difference in their lives.


Mata Amritandamayi Ashram

My desire to contribute to the international community is fueled by my experiences during visits to India, where I have the opportunity to make a tangible difference. On a recent trip to New Delhi, I donated 50 backpacks and provided meals to children in need, recognizing the profound impact these basic resources can have on their educational and daily lives. Additionally, I spend time tutoring English, allowing me to engage personally with the children. These interactions not only enhance their learning opportunities but also enrich my understanding of global challenges. This work has instilled in me a broader, global perspective and a deep commitment to supporting underprivileged communities around the world.



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Anjali Menon

Turkish eye

I acknowledge that I reside on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the kʷikʷəƛ̓əm (Kwikwetlem First Nation). I thank the kʷikʷəƛ̓əm who continue to live on these lands and care for them, along with the waters and all that is above and below.